The Langston Nursing Home

"Our greatest joy is nursing residents and making them feel at home"

Station Road, Kingham
Oxfordshire, OX7 6UP

+01608 658 233

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The Langston Nursing Home team is dedicated to:


  • Working with patients and their family, friends and medical advisors, to formulate plans of care that support their independence, dignity and privacy, and that consider their individual needs and capabilities
  • Ensuring that the care, treatment and comfort provided is the best possible
  • Extending help, understanding and support unconditionally wherever and whenever required
  • Creating a happy, caring and safe environment, and the maintain and enhance each individual’s quality of life
  • Providing high quality nursing care with sensitivity and understanding within a happy, warm and comfortable environment
  • Offering a reassuring and homely environment that is always open and welcoming to relatives and friends
  • Treating residents as individuals and not making the home as institutionalised

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