The Langston Nursing Home

"Our greatest joy is nursing residents and making them feel at home"

Station Road, Kingham
Oxfordshire, OX7 6UP

+01608 658 233

Visiting Hours

Our Staff

The Langston Nursing Home team is dedicated to:

  • Working with patients and their family, friends and medical advisors, to formulate plans of care that support their independence, dignity and privacy, and that consider their individual needs and capabilities
  • Ensuring that the care, treatment and comfort provided is the best possible
  • Extending help, understanding and support unconditionally wherever and whenever required
  • Creating a happy, caring and safe environment, and the maintain and enhance each individual’s quality of life
  • Providing high quality nursing care with sensitivity and understanding within a happy, warm and comfortable environment
  • Offering a reassuring and homely environment that is always open and welcoming to relatives and friends
  • Treating residents as individuals and not making the home as institutionalised


The professional nursing care:

  • Quiet efficiency and high quality care are the hallmarks of the Langston Nursing Home team; Manager, deputy manager, nurses, carers, kitchen, cleaning and laundry staff, together with handyman/gardener all work with the one main aim to ensure that everyone who lives or stays at The Langston Nursing Home enjoys life to the full.
  • High levels of training are essential to ensure all staff at The Langston Nursing Home are always aware of the improved medical practices and therapy to benefit each individual. Apart from the nurses, most of the care staff have reached either NVQ2 or 3 levels. Our qualified nurses are kept fully up to date and work closely with local GP’s and specialists to maintain the highest professional standards of care for your peace of mind.


Further, our staff:

  • Encourage the residents to feel at home
  • Respect and support the existing relationships with the family or friends
  • Encourage the residents in the decision making process

At the Langston NursingHome, great importance is attached to food and the individual’s dietary needs. Varied menus that tempt even the most jaded palate are prepared with the freshest of ingredients and requests for favourite dishes are always welcomed. Our menu varies from week to week and has choices available every day. Chef/Carers discuss the choices with the individual residents before informing the chef. Teatime is also special with home baked cakes and biscuits fresh from the ovens each day, and our team always enjoy preparing for a celebratory occasion with birthday cakes a speciality.

While most meals are taken in our dining room, residents are always welcome to take meals in the privacy of their own rooms if they wish or if they have family or friends joining them.